Mood Swings – Bipolar disorder: Symptoms and treatment

Bipolar disorder is a situation of mind in which your mood gets swing anytime because of this you can feel very intense energy in your body or sometimes intense depression. It can cause a lot of bad effects on your life like bad behavior effect on your job, relationship and also create family issues after that you can face depression or mental disorders.

Effects caused by bipolar disorder are very intensive and unbelievable you can feel the fluctuation in your energy level anytime and that time you can’t do anything because it can only be treated by doctors.

Bipolar disorder Overview

Bipolar disorder is commonly called intense depression in which it effects on your mind and mental health condition. So that sometime you can feel extreme mood Singh including higher risk of emotional damages. For example depression and anxiety.

If you are in depression you feel lonely and alone every time and the thoughts that come in your mind will always be negative you always feel yourself a loser and person who has always got failure in his life. And your mind always sends you signals of doing suicide. Same with bipolar disorder it is a mixture of mental disorder and depression in this your mental power will become week and you find difficulty in taking decisions and judgments you behave like you don’t know anything and you find difficulty in performing any kind mental and physical activities.

Causes of Bipolar disorder

The bipolar disorder only causes to a person, when he or she is suffering from lots of physical and mental issues. That create problems in their life and increase their mental pressure. It doesn’t cause by a single issue but it caused by a bunch of mental health factors. That creates a negative thought system in your mind and pretend yourself a loser.

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder

Everyone’s body structure is different and symptoms of bipolar disorder vary from person to person. Like some people have a a normal mood swing in which day sale intense depression and in some people they feel intense energy and fear. Some people get relief from bipolar disorder within few weeks or in month but in some people it take place for a long time. And it becomes difficult to get them out from bipolar disorder. The main symptoms of bipolar disorders are given below.

  1. Feeling intense energy and aggression and less interest in performing any physical activity.
  2. Feeling alone and less amount of sleep
  3. Difficulties in taking judgment and always feeling of fear.
  4. Always thinking about wired things and feeling self a wired person.


Bipolar disorder can be cured by several treatments. The treatments include several therapies, medicines and physical activities which help your mind to get distracted from depression and bipolar disorders.

You can also prevent yourself from bipolar disorder by focusing on the warning given by doctors. And also avoid the consumption of alcohol and drugs. And keeping yourself involved in any kind of physical and mental activities and taking care of your health and taking medicines on time as suggested.

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