Symptoms resulting Anxiety : Causes and Treatments

People who are suffering from anxiety generally feel fear and experience lots of tension and stress in their lives. Anxiety causes lots of problems just like intense anxiety cause heavy fear and tension-anxiety also increase pain in your body and the pain is unusual and they can start anytime. as the research found the American psychological association says that anxiety is an emotion in which a person feels lots of trouble feeling tension worried thoughts and physical change, for example, increase blood pressure. Increasing blood pressure will increase the chances of heart diseases and heart stroke.

Causes Of Anxiety

  1. The symptom of anxiety is not been defined but the well-known symptoms known for anxiety are as follows
  2. The most known factor for anxiety is genetic factor in this a person cause anxiety because of their family history of an anxiety disorder.
  3. The environment is also responsible for causing anxiety if you are in an environment where your body experiences lots of pressure and trouble it may be said that your body caused by anxiety.
  4. Stress if you lots of pressure discomforts and pressure every day you can cause by anxiety.
  5. If your physical condition is not proper then you can be caused by anxiety.
  6. If you’re feeling trouble in breathing it can be said that you are suffering from an anxiety problems.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Generally anxiety cause by several symptoms of these are mentioned below.

  1. If you feel lots of nervousness, tense and restless then it may be said that you are going face anxiety in the future.
  2. If your heartbeat remains fast every time then it can be said that you are suffering from anxiety.
  3. If you breathe rapidly then it may be said that you are suffering from anxiety.
  4. If lots of time you feel weak or tired or your body remains instance every time then it may be said that you are suffering from anxiety.
  5. If you find trouble in sleeping then it may be said that soon your body will suffer from anxiety.
  6. If you remain disturb every time that it may be said that you are suffering from anxiety can lead to depression but don’t worry it can be controlled by a few things.

Treatments Of Anxiety

If you are a person suffering from anxiety then don’t worry it can be cured by lots of treatment in this article we are discussing what are the treatments that can cure anxiety.


Drug therapy

Treatment of other disorders

Finding the accurate solution for anxiety is important if accurate diagnosis treatment doesn’t do on your anxiety then it became hard to reduce the risk of anxiety.

Anxiety disorder is linked from one anxiety to another. If the right treatment is not done then it can also cause some other medical disorder.

This can be cured by treating other disorders correctly if your body caused by any other disorder and you are taking treatment of your anxiety then it can be said that your anxiety will remain for a long time and it does not cure.

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